Smoking Permitted

Conveniently located in the heart of Old City, Infusion Lounge is one of the last standing venues in Philadelphia that permits smoking (that's not a casino). We provide the flexibility of smoking and non-smoking events.

Relax and enjoy cigars, cigarettes, or hookahs with any of our signature cocktails or premium spirits. We carry Marlboro products, 35+ limited edition cigars, and 40+ shisha flavors.


Take your pallet on a world tour with our collection of premium cigars from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic. Try Gurka Grand Reserve, a limited edition treat infused with Louis XIII cognac. Find one of the most heavily sought out cigars in the world, Lost City Fuente Fuente OpusX 2016. A rare offering with only 500 boxes shipped per year, don’t miss out on unique opportunities like this.

Our cigar menu is constantly changing due to our heavy focus on rare and limited edition cigars.

Please email for the latest cigar list.

All premium combos include an iced base and ice chamber hose service

ADULT CREAMSICLE – Mandarin Zest and French Vanilla infused with vanilla vodka
BERRY BLAST – Blue Mist infused with raspberry vodka
BOOZY SKITTLES – Pirates Cave infused with raspberry vodka
CALL ME BIG PAPA(YA) – Island Papaya infused with coconut rum
CITRUS MAR”TEA”NI - Citrus Tea with citrus vodka, freshly squeezed lemons
DRUNK GUMMI BEARS – White Gummi Bear infused with vanilla vodka
HONEYDEW YOU – Safari Melon Dew infused with melon liqueur
ICE CREAM SUNDAE – Red Gummi Bear and French Vanilla infused with natural chocolate vodka, banana liqueur
IRISH TWINS – Irish Peach infused with Irish whiskey
MARGARITA DAY – Strawberry Margarita infused with silver tequila
MY MAIN SQUEEZE – Lemon Mint infused with citrus vodka, freshly squeezed lemons
VANILLA, SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE – Spiced Chai and French Vanilla infused with vanilla vodka
WATERMELON SEASON – Watermelon infused with watermelon liqueur

A mix of two flavors or more

Grape with Lemon Mint
Mandarin Zest with French Vanilla
Orange Mint with Tangelo
Prickly Pear with French Vanilla
Pumpkin Pie with French Vanilla
Red Gummi Bear with Ambrosia
Spiced Chai with French Vanilla
Sweet Cigar with French Vanilla
White Mint with Blue Mist
White Peach with French Vanilla

Single flavors by Fumari, Starbuzz, and Al Fakher

Select from one of our 30+ flavors