Smoking Permitted

Conveniently located in the heart of Old City, Infusion Lounge is one of the last standing venues in Philadelphia that permits smoking (that's not a casino). We provide the flexibility of smoking and non-smoking events.

Relax and enjoy cigars, cigarettes, or hookahs with any of our signature cocktails or premium spirits. We carry Marlboro products, 35+ limited edition cigars, and 40+ shisha flavors.


Take your pallet on a world tour with our collection of premium cigars from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic. Try Gurka Grand Reserve, a limited edition treat infused with Louis XIII cognac. Find one of the most heavily sought out cigars in the world, Lost City Fuente Fuente OpusX 2016. A rare offering with only 500 boxes shipped per year, don’t miss out on unique opportunities like this.


  • The Main Squeeze $54
    Lemon Mint heightened with fresh squeezed lemons, ice and citrus vodka in the base
  • Banana Split Sundae $59
    Red Gummi Bear mixed w/French Vanilla & infused with natural chocolate-flavored vodka, banana liqueur, ice
  • Big Papa-ya $49
    Island Papaya served with a coconut rum base for a full-throttle tropical flavor
  • Adult Creamsicle $49
    Mandarin Zest blended with French Vanilla, then infused with vanilla vodka for a smooth, creamy, yet citrus flavor