Premium Whiskeys

What Whiskey will not fix, there is no cure for. With 60+ premium whiskeys, you’re sure to find a cure for whatever ails you, and when you do, celebrate it neat or on the rocks!

Some of our luxury whiskeys includes:

  • Johnnie Walker Blue
  • Macallan Rare
  • Macallan 18
  • Macallan 21
  • Macallan 25
  • Woodford Reserve Master's Collection

Not sure which whiskey is the one? We take pride in our extensive whiskey flight menu with 17 flights!

All whiskey flights include three glasses of 1/2 oz servings (total 1 1/2 oz per flight). Perfect for discovering new spirits before selecting a full serving of your favorite.

Come try our best of bourbons, best of ryes, best of overproof bourbons or try all our luxury Macallan favorites that includes Macalllan Rare, Macallan 21, and Macallan 25!